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Everybody Just Calm Down
August 28, 2013, 9:44 am
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Really people? One poorly written piece written late at night by someone too pissed off to even get comments from anyone remotely important to the story is all it takes to take #AOFamily and turn it into mass hysteria? American Outlaws posted on their chapter leader page four days ago that they were looking for capos from any chapter that would offer them up. Do you think we could wait until they respond to SB Nation’s article before losing our minds? 

AO Des Moines is Getting a Scarf, and You Gotta Have It

Des-Moines-FinalWe’ve been talking it since we founded almost three years ago, and now, thanks to the design genius duo of AODSM members Trevor Kruger (@TkCyclone) and Greg Welch (@ArtDirectorBYU), we have our final design. All we need is YOU. Order up your very own AO DSM scarf and help us meet the order minimum. We want to have them for the upcoming games in Columbus and KC, so you have ONE WEEK! We’re taking orders until 8/6/13, and then it’s off the making them! Don’t delay! (Update: We extended to 8/9 to allow our email list a few days!)

Here’s how to order: Go to our order form here. Fill out you info. Chose your payment method. Pay us.

It’s that simple. Filling out the form and not paying will not get you a scarf. Payday isn’t until Friday? It’s $20….go ask a friend. If you’re truly in crisis, let us know, and we’ll try to help, but we really need paid pre-orders. Thanks for the help making our long held AO DSM scarf dreams a reality!

The Latest News from the Des Moines corner of the Soccer World
August 31, 2010, 1:40 am
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I have about a half dozen blog posts that I want to share with you all, but I’ve been alternating between being sick and catching up since I got back from South Africa. I want to tell you about how my three year old has learned to lead chants. I want to talk about the last game, and about the upcoming game in Chicago. But I haven’t been able to scrape together the time and energy to do it. But today, I had to take the time to update the blog. So I’m sitting here with my tea, and yet another round of antibiotics at midnight, writing about the day. But here’s the shocker….it has nothing to do with Bradley (that one will have to come tomorrow!)
This one is about the American Outlaws, and my journey with them. I started traveling to US Soccer games in 1993. Once I went to my first World Cup in 1994, I was hooked. But in Des Moines, Iowa, there wasn’t a whole lot of organization amongst soccer fans. When we got back from France in 1998, we tried to contact Sam’s Army about getting a brigade started in Iowa, but we barely got an answer, let alone support. Over the years, we tried to organize local watch parties with varying success.
Then, in 2007, my husband came home one night and said “You’ve got to check this out, there’s a group of guys starting a supporters group out of Lincoln, Nebraska.” I read the American Outlaws‘ website and was immediately in love. They sounded passionate, fun and engaged, and I was so excited that they were based here in the Midwest. I knew they’d get the challenges of organizing in mid sized cities. I sent them an email that same night, asking about whether there was an Iowa chapter.
And that’s where the adventure begins: because suddenly my email was the contact on the Outlaws website for the unofficial Iowa chapter. My husband and I had a great laugh that this website of hip college kids now had a mid-thirties mommy as their Iowa contact. We joked that I was now officially the biggest US Soccer fan in Iowa. We joked about our house being Iowa HQ, and our family would be all the members. We thought the whole thing was hilarious.
Then I started getting emails. Slowly at first, but then more frequently. Lucky for me, my friend Corey (aka SnakeEyes on Big Soccer) who has been active with the Des Moines Menace’s Red Army came onboard and helped me organize and run a Facebook page and listed our watch parties anywhere that would post for us. Once the Red Army guys were with us, it felt like our unofficial chapter had a life of it’s own. As the soccer community started to gear up for World Cup 2010, we stood about halfway to the required membership for Official Chapter status.
Well, today is the day that my husband and I have been waiting for, along with all the American Outlaws and soccer fans of Des Moines. Tonight we got the email that Des Moines is going to be the 38th official American Outlaws Chapter. After dreaming of an organized local supporters club for 17 years, this mom of 2, running a business, and a marriage and just trying to keep her head on straight, somehow went from a family inside joke, to the first chapter president of American Outlaws Des Moines.
Des Moines, once again, you make me proud. Red Army, I thank you and could not have done this without you guys. American Outlaws, I’m honored. Thanks for seeing a need in American soccer supporters and filling it in your own amazing way. Thanks for giving us the tools and motiviation to unite and strengthen our own little corner of the soccer world.
I encouage all of you out there wishing you had a local chapter. It’s as simple as telling Justin and Korey that you think _______ should have an American Outlaws chapter. You just might surprise yourself.

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