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The Day I Had to Have “The Talk” With My Daughter
August 11, 2011, 1:37 am
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It’s true. Every parent dreads that moment when your child grows up enough to start asking about the serious stuff in the world. And today, it happened to me. We were driving home from the US vs Mexico game, and my 4 year old son had already passed out. I was chatting with my almost 9 year old daughter about the game, and how excited I was to watch Klinsman coach for the first time because I was a huge fan of his as a player. But as I was chattering away, the back seat got quiet. You could almost feel the air get heavy as my daughter dropped the big question:

“Momma, why did Mexico have so many more fans than we did?”

Kaboom! The sex talk?….no problem. That was a piece of cake compared to this one. My kids grow up in an alternate universe, where most of their parents friends travel to several games a year. They know that we go to every World Cup. We discuss soccer constantly at home. How could I tell her? My sweet, innocent girl, that her beloved America isn’t always like that. That people all over the world are as passionate as we are about soccer, but in our country, most people aren’t really that into it.

So we had “the talk.” About immigration and assimilation (or non-assimilation) into a culture, and how the US is still growing it’s soccer community, and that’s why Mom and Dad volunteer with American Outlaws and Free Beer Movement to try to bring new fans into US Soccer. It was pretty touching. She handled it well. And another parenting milestone goes into the books.

Mexico and Kids and Klinsman, oh my!
August 10, 2011, 12:54 am
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I’m way behind on this blog. Sorry. I have lots to say about the Women’s World Cup and so much more, but I’ve been busy closing my store and traveling with my kids, this summer kinda got away from me.

So let me say this: KLLLLIIINNNSMMMAAAANNN! Oh how I’ve waited for this day. I love German soccer, and started my love of US Soccer through a series of US vs Germany games. I wanted to have Jürgen Klinsman as our coach for years. I was hoping he’d be picked in the last hiring round, and I’ve definitely wanted us to hire him since 2010. And there is a bit of me pinching myself, not believing my dream has finally come true.

As luck would have it, I get to go to his coaching debut with my kids, thanks to winning the Golazo Scavenger Hunt at the American Outlaws Rally! My daughter is now 8-3/4, old enough to be pissed when I don’t take her to games. My son is 4, funny and charming enough that I want to bring him just to see what he’ll do.

So here we go! I feel like it’s the night before my 1st date with the dreamy senior I’ve been wanting to date since freshman year, and I’m super nervous that he’ll show up and not be the catch I thought he was. I really think Klinsy’s dateable material….and somehow, I will find a way to get some sleep tonight. But for now, it’s just Mexico and kids and Klinsman….oh my!

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