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State of the Soccer Union
February 1, 2014, 10:41 am
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USSoccer Sell outThis. US Soccer has sold out Camp Cupcake in a World Cup year. The World Cup year is significant because if you’re saving your pennies for Brazil, you’re not going to go to what is basically a preseason camp. This is the state of US Soccer today: the fan base has become so tight knit and grown so much, that peer pressure circle to go to games is that much bigger. I wasn’t going to come to LA until Megan, Colin, Amy, Robert, and of course my AO LA family started talking about coming. It didn’t hurt that temps were incessantly subzero in Iowa, but I came because I missed my soccer family. When I said I was coming, at least three more people said some version of “Well, if Tanya’s coming…”

Makes me happy to see this kind of a community happening within US Soccer. Last week I tweeted “Remember when @USSoccer was that uncool thing we did that no one understood?” Yesterday on my flight, the woman next to me said “Soccer is getting to be a big thing in the US, isn’t it?” After years of mocking, soccer finally has the critical mass to escape its nerdy beginnings, and now even Camp Cupcake won’t have tickets available at the gate on game day. What a wonderful world it is….

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