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BIG NEWS!! New Book Due Out for Holiday 2019! Soccer Bios for Young Adult Readers
July 6, 2019, 4:13 am
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I was working my way through concussion recovery. I did a power lifting competition in April (took 2nd place!) and I’d been working on the houses I’m rehabbing, going to soccer games as I could tolerate them, when I got an email via my first book, Passionate Soccer Love’s, website: “[pleasantries] In reading that you possess incredible passion for US Soccer and have written extensively about the sport, I thought you could be a potential author for a new book…”

Wait. What?

I’m still at the stage where I’m pleasantly surprised when people find my work. Even better when they like what they read. But as I continued to read the email about how they were interested in an author for a book aimed at MY SON’S age group, I was pretty much over the moon by the time I got through the first of three delicious paragraphs in this opening email.

Several weeks of video interviews, writing submissions, torturous waiting, contract negotiations, and copious anxiety later, my contract is signed, my editor has been met and is another soccer parent who is equally excited about the project, and my Summer is officially devoted to writing!

I’d love to have your thoughts in the comments. Who are the soccer stars, mostly current, but also people who changed the game, who you want to share with kids 10-14? I’m focusing mostly on the Men’s side (with the hopes of a Women’s side edition later) and particularly interested in players with inspiring stories or learning experiences attached to them.

This book is going to move pretty fast, so watch this space for updates!

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Ace Ntsoelengoe, played for Minnesota Kicks and was from South Africa. His story could provide an interesting backdrop related to aparteid. He was a fan favorite.

Looking forward to your work.
Peace and futbol.

Comment by Neal Logan

I’d love to know more about him! Do you know how to reach him or his agent?

Comment by soccerfamilystyle

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