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The Transitive Property of World Cup Soccer
June 22, 2014, 9:13 am
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The soccer field across from our home stay in Manaus.

You remember the transitive property? If a=b and b=c then a=c. Wouldn’t it be great if that worked in World Cup soccer? If Germany destroyed Portugal and we beat Ghana and Ghana tied Germany, the United States wins the group! WOOHOOO!! Ticket to second round please!

But the transitive property of World Cup is more like this: if a=b and b=c then the answer is yellow. I’ve said all along that I think we will go through, but it won’t happen the way we expect. With Germany and Ghana tying yesterday, it will be anything but what we expected. I’m so full of nervous energy and made the coffee WAY too strong this morning, but today we find out if we still got that 2002 swagger to take it to Portugal. I BELIEVE (we will be the second nation to kick Portugal out of Brazil!)

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Hey Tanya! I just finished your book. Thanks for sharing your soccer journey with the rest of us Yahoos! Sorry for how the USA lost to Belgium, UGH! But bring on Russia! I have been to Russia 10 times and have many friends there, so it is quite possible that Danny Donuts and I will be there! Hope to see you guys there. Also, can you send me a link to your son’s celebration of the John Brooks goal vs. Ghana? Cheers, Chip of the Red White and Blues Brothers.

Comment by Chip

Thanks Chip! The clip with my son is here until FIFA finds it:

Comment by soccerfamilystyle

Thanks Tanya. Cute kid :0). Are you guys back home? Ready for Russia?

Comment by Chip

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