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USMNT vs Canada, and The Keg Stand Reaction
January 30, 2013, 1:12 am
Filed under: Supporter Culture, US Soccer

AODSMKegstandI know I should be upset, because we looked like crap, but honestly, I’m stoked. I’m looking forward to the Hex. I have what is (G-d I hope) not an over-rated confidence in Klinsmann. And tonight, as chapter leader for American Outlaws Des Moines, I helped move our chapter bar to The Keg Stand.

After several great years at Victor’s, it was time for us to find a bigger home for AO DSM, a place that we could settle into before the 2014 World Cup. Victor’s has been good to us (including this week, as they have been referring people to our new bar….super classy) but it was too small for our 2010 World Cup crowd.  The Keg Stand has capacity for 600, offers more beers than you could hope to try in one game (one of our new guys said he’d had three different IPA that were all awesome). It has a soccer-friendly management, and it has a back room that in one game already feels like the AO DSM clubhouse. So yes, the play sucked, but I feel giddy that we found a new place that feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

But if you really can’t stand all the hearts and flowers, go read my AO brother Ryan Rosenblatt’s blog. He’s being silly tonight. Made me smile. And next time, join me at the Keg Stand with the rest of AO Des Moines. They made even THIS game not suck. And rest assured, Klinsmann knows what he’s doing. It’s all good people.


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