Soccer….Family Style

If It’s Friday, It’s Time for Real Salt Lake.
July 27, 2012, 9:33 am
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We made it to Grand Junction, Colorado, well within shooting distance of our planned game at Salt Lake City Friday evening. The kids and I have driven about 950 miles, 283 to go and we get to cross off Real Salt Lake on our list of MLS venues, our first game on our MLS Roadtrip schedule.

Today I was sure that we wouldn’t make it. Kid 2 was doing an excellent impression of an appendicitis, and was doing his “I’m a 4 year old determined to break a bone” routine. (Kids, what did I tell you about no injuries or illnesses until after the Timbers game?) But we survived. Then I thought my car was dying, but it turns out that cars have just as much trouble “breathing” in the Rockies as we do. The Rockies, by the way, may be one of the most beautiful things America has to offer…you really should drive them sometime.

So…hopefully, we’ll be able to get to Salt Lake City in time to tailgate (they tailgate…..right?) Planning’s been a little on the light side, but I’m assuming I can google where the stadium is, correct? Hey, I’m raising a couple soccer supporters here….help a mama out!

Once I figure that out, I just have to work on our invite to Kyle Beckerman’s for post-game Shabbat. Then we’ll be set. At least, if he plays, I’ll be able to explain to the kids why it’s OK to miss Temple this week.

Time for blogging will be short this weekend, but look for updates at

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