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US vs Panama – Gold Cup
June 15, 2011, 5:37 pm
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It’s not like we were sleeping in the first half. It’s not like we weren’t playing with all kinds of heart. But US Soccer faced nothing but frustration in Game 2 of the Gold Cup Round Robin after beating Canada in Game 1 on Tuesday. After a junk goal and a 36′ penalty kick left the US down 2-0 to Panama, the team looked visibly shaken. We didn’t receive any favors from the referee, who seems to have never heard the term “home field advantage”.

Someone will have to explain to me how it’s not a conflict of interest to have a Mexican referee officiate for the US when the US and Mexico are expected to be the top two teams in the tournament. There were more questionable calls in this game than should be allowed by law, but (gritting my teeth) you have to play with the referee you’re assigned. The US came back and scored in the 2nd half in the 67th minute on a pretty header from Goodson to make it 2-1 in favor of Panama. I really needed to take some blood pressure medicine (does beer count for lowering blood pressure?) for how many times the US had amazing chances to score. Coulda shoulda woulda penalty kicks, Dempsey wide open in front of the goal while Donovan takes the tougher shot instead, Wondolowski misses a goal that would have been easier to score….the end result was a long night of frustration for US Soccer fans and players, and Panama ending up on top of the group.

Next up: Guadeloupe in Kansas City on Tuesday. Better luck, better officiating then I hope.

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