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The USMNT/AO Flag is HERE!!

The American Outlaws Des Moines flag arrived today and it is so super awesome amazing cool I can’t even believe it! I thought I’d share photo before this one makes it’s debut in Detroit and KC. The kids are pretty stoked about it, as you can see!

We still need 2 things: money and a name, and that’s where you come in!

1. Please send money!!

Tanya fronted the money for this out of her house fund, and she’d really like to replenish that fund ASAP. So please send what you can (memo it AO Flag)! How?

*Dwolla us! Go to, send money to 812-460-2944 or tweet money to @TanyaKeith

*Paypal us! Paypal to TKeith71 (at) yahoo (dot) com

*Do it up old school: Get a check or cash to Tanya Keith c/o Simply for Giggles 510 East Locust #120, Des Moines IA 50309

Pass it on! Please share this project with your friends!

2. Help us name it! The two other flags running around US Soccer fans are named Big Ass Flag and Baby Ass flag. Since I would prefer not to have my children telling their friends about anything “ass”, we want this one to have a PG name. We also want the name to be about the Midwest (in a positive way, not referring to our fly over status, thank you anyway Prairie!) We were talking about naming it the Midwest Menace, as a nod to our local team, the Des Moines Menace. What do you all think?

Thanks for your help with this project, and we can’t wait to see you all with it in Detroit and KC. (I’ll bring it to Boston if someone wants to pay my plane ticket, but I won’t hold my breath!!)

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Ooh, I like Midwest Menace!

Comment by Modern American Soccer

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