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We Need A Stadium Flag in the Midwest (Before Gold Cup, Please)!!
May 6, 2011, 1:26 am
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You’ve seen them: the Big Ass Flag and the Baby Ass Flag, the giant flags that cover a big part of the stadium at US Soccer games. I love these flags. We play better when I’m under the flag (we do…it’s a mojo thing). I’ve hidden under that flag when Mexicans were throwing stuff at us in Azteca Stadium.  I love when we have a flag in the stadium for every game.

Here’s the problem: we don’t have a flag in the Midwest. And it’s expensive to ship the flags. And, American Outlaws, I do believe that both the Big and the Baby, are owned by Sam’s Army. It’s just plain unacceptable!


I propose we all band together to help AO Des Moines buy a 20′ x 30′ flag. We may not be the biggest chapter, but we typically have members at every game around the Midwest. Our founding members go to ever World Cup, and we travel to Nashville, Chicago, KC, and Detroit. You want the flag, we’ll bring it. And we want to bring it to the Gold Cup!

OUR GOAL: $650 by June 1, 2011

That’s $550-600 for the flag, $50 for shipping. If we get a better deal, we’ll put it into the flag fund, in case we have to ship the flag to a game somewhere (we usually drive, but those $25 checked bag fees add up fast!)

How to help:

1. Send Money (memo it Midwest Baby Flag)!

Dwolla us! Go to, send money to 812-460-2944 or tweet money to @TanyaKeith

Paypal us! Paypal to TKeith71 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Do it up old school: Get a check or cash to Tanya Keith c/o Simply for Giggles 510 East Locust            #120, Des Moines IA 50309

2. Tell your friends to send money!

That’s it! I really want to make this happen, and I hope all of you who I’ve mentioned this project to were serious when you said “I’d send money for that!” Go do it!! I will post updates on our progress!

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We found a flag for $350!! And have started fundraising, but we still need you help! Help us bring it here before the Gold Cup! Send money now!

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