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Several Firsts, but not the Important One
June 19, 2010, 4:35 am
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I’ll have a full length post when I can get wifi, but I have to share a few quick thoughts from my Blackberry (thanks Verizon!)

First, last night’s match was fantastic. It’s the first time in my 24 caps that I remember being at a World Cup game with a pro US crowd. The South African students opposite our section where excited, dancing and cheering through the match (even when Americans couldn’t).

The video of me that was broadcast showed me making the “I love you” sign wasn’t for the USMNT (although I do) It was for the South African students opposite us in the corner. They have been the most supportive hosts I’ve seen at a Cup.

Second, this was the first time I’ve seen practically a whole side of American fans. Is it possible that we’ve finally reached the moment when soccer is more than a boutique sport in the US? Judging by the number of first timers at this cup, I’d say it’s entirely possible.

However, we haven’t reached the time when the US clears the first round without controversy. I’ll post my thoughts on referees as part of the game when I get to wifi, but in short, it’s a shame when a referee impacts the outcome of a game, it’s criminal when he may affect the outcome of a tournament. Hopefully, justice will be served and the US will advance in spite of the referee from last night.

That’s all until later…we’re off to 3 days safari!

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