Soccer….Family Style

ENG vs. ALG afterparty
June 18, 2010, 10:05 am
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I could barely watch the England vs. Algeria game. I was emotionally exhausted after the US nail biter, and I couldn’t believe the game would end tied. I started talking to a few locals at the bar. I became so engrossed in the conversation that I was a little startled when I heard the whistle blow to end the game. In disbelief, I read the 0-0 score line and it began to dawn on me that nearly impossible had happend! England had allowed Algeria to pass with a tie, leaving the playing field miraculously wide open for the Americans going into game 3. As this revelation spread through the very pro-US crowd, you could feel the energy in the room start to crackle. The energy level was skyrocketing and when the DJ turned off the TV sound and shouted “Are you ready to wave your flag?” the place erupted in an electric snap of excitement. He cranked up the “Waving Flag” song that had become the unofficial anthem of the World Cup and people started dancing on tables and waving flags, scarves, and whatever else they could find to dance along with. Even Prairie had gotten into the atmosphere and started dancing on top of one of the beer kegs.The party continues in South Africa. Next up: Safari!

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