Soccer….Family Style

In Flight to South Africa 6/11/10
June 11, 2010, 10:41 pm
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Thanks to The Onion’s Article about America’s single soccer fan, a few of my friends have started refering to me as “The Insufferable One” (I’m sure it’s in jest…right?) But the other side of that article for all us IOs is that it’s much, much more fun to be around other soccer fans, particularly during the World CUp. It’s why we have watch parties and supporters groups. It’s why we don’t want to stay in the US for a World Cup: in general, Americans still don’t get what a big deal the World Cup is to the rest of the world.

It’s been great taking our flights from Home to Boston to New York to Dubai to Johannesburg. Each step of the got a little more serious about soccer. (It’s an American blog, if you want to call it football, go follow some European). In New York and Boston, there were a few people that got immediately the we were going to the World Cup, but most of them couldn’t hold a conversation on the topic. On the Dubai flight, there were many soccer fans, mostly American, with varying degrees of experience.

Now I’m sitting on the flight into South Africa. Surrounded by American, English, and German soccer fans (and one Algerian). It’s the greatest meetup in the world. Everyone is an insufferable one. It is a huge relief to finally be in the clubhouse, with people who are just as soccer geeky as we are. Can’t wait to get in country!

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